High Value=Wealth


Money becomes a bi-product that flows as abundant waters from within one’s channel into the outer world.

Value and self worth is an intrinsic aspect of self. It is rich and wealthy. It is the True Self/Source whose way of being is the natural abundant magnetic force of the universe. It needs nothing outside of itself. It is the fountain of life that Jesus spoke about.

John 4 vs 14: “But whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life”

We are ONE with the True Self and therefore have all that we desire at our command. 

This has been an interesting realization for me. I was taught to acquire worth and value through outward successes and accomplishments, but truly when it is all stripped away, then what’s left? 

Shifting attention to who we are as God beings in expression, we can now feel and express our highest value and self worth without feeling the lack or the need to get something outside. Rather, it’s being the ideal outcome and allowing it to express itself in our life.

Feel free to share your thoughts or experiences on this. This has been my awareness most recently. Things are shifting and many changes occurring. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of day to day living. 

I have a vision of freedom, wealth and healthy living for myself and humanity, so, I’m focusing on the root cause to bring forth my desires. Feel free to share.



King & Queen Inner Kingdom


Dear Readers:

Imagine that you have a kingdom that consists of a King & Queen. Within that kingdom, there are residents and citizens. There is also a council that supports the King & Queen in managing the kingdom’s affairs.


The King is the protector, provider and fierce warrior. He ensures that his kingdom is safe from intruders and outsiders. He is the hero, the one that brings action, decisiveness, and authority. When a King is in right order, all that he touches is a success. The King is a powerhouse of strength, courage and vigor. He honors his Queen and gives his attention and love to her, values her presence and judgment.

The Queen is the nourishing comforter. She is the wave of elegance that compassionately cares for her King and young ones. She will fight for her children. She is the heart that governs the kingdom. Her presence is order and discipline. She is fierce intuition that feels and knows without question. She supports her King and honors his presence as the Leader. She is also very confident, whole within herself, and respected by everyone.

The Masculine and Feminine are very important to the governship of one’s inner kingdom. When a King is absent, the Queen assumes both roles and becomes bitter, hard, and angry. Without her King, she is only left wing. She cannot operate because his and her strong points are key to the operation of the kingdom. When a Queen emasculates her King, over throws his power and leadership, then he feels uneeded. His masculinity is stripped from him. When a King devalues his Queen and overpowers/controls her, then she can become spiteful, vengeful and disrespectful.

The King & Queen represent the aspect of God that is masculine and feminine. One without the other is useless. Maturing from child to King & Queen is key, otherwise, one’s inner kingdom will be ruled by a child or unruly adolescent who has no experience. This creates unhappiness within and chaos.

Being the ideal masculine and ideal feminine within is the most joyful experience one should aspire to express. When both are living in harmony, all flows effortlessly. Better relationships with partners, family, friends, at work and so forth. Everything one touches becomes a success. There are no more power struggles of the man and woman, but rather equality and respect.

This is my focus now, it feels like the time has come for women to step into right order Queen and the time has come for men to step into right order King. When this happens, we will have happier homes and children that are raised within a healthier environment and upbringing.

Suggestion: If you desire assistance or training on how to create healthier relationships within, then go to self discovery techniques in fort lauderdale. I have been attending their workshops and they are life changing. I have two more to attend, the next one is their relationships course. I am looking forward to it.

I wish you all the best in your relationships!





Unification of Masculine & Feminine within!


Dear Readers:

We are beings that love happiness, pleasure and joy. We often search for this through our relationships and work. Last night, I felt the presence of the ONE. There is only one relationship. It is between you and your creator, the True Self. Every other person who crosses your path is a reflection of an aspect of self that has to be experienced and integrated without judgment.

My desire for wholeness and completeness has been on my forefront. I feel the importance of being the Queen of my Kingdom dancing harmoniously with my King. When we do, our entire kingdom rejoices. I have now turned my attention within to the Source (God) and am placing my anchor here. This is the most important relationship that I have. My attention however has been on relationships outside, not realizing how I have neglected my own inner feminine and masculine.

God is Masculine and Feminine. All of life reflects this relationship even at the atomic level. My focus now is more intimacy with the Masculine and Feminine within, the uniting of my opposites. Greater peace and happiness within my inner family tree. As such, I know this will project into my outer relationships.


In relationships, both sexes turn to the other for love and attention, however, I have realized, the very person that I turn to for attention and love, is also seeking the same thing. He/She is not overflowing with the energy that I need to drink from, so why are we turning to another who isn’t the Source of what we desire? We are preoccupied with outward relationships, yet, we have not realized that the relationships within are the ones that need the most attention!!!!!! (If you have been experiencing this, feel free to share).

Ultimately, all healing, love, joy and freedom rests within the Source. Go back to the fountain of life and drink and one will never lack again. I turn within to the Source for my guidance, direction, comfort, love and attention, it never runs out. When everyone outside has either betrayed or abandoned you, Source is always present, ever loyal and true! One thing remains true is that the Source is always present, ever loving, without judgment, comforting and will give you all that your heart desires.

Put the True Self first as one’s lover and friend, all else will flow with ease.

Forgive your neighbors for they are angels sent to teach you a lesson. This weekend especially is very important for releasing old hurts and baggages. Bring death to the old and resurrect into the new you.

The new you that is whole within!

**Listen to Celin Dion: To Love You More!**

Shifting Priorities to the True Self!!!


Dear Readers:

For the past few weeks, I have been giving more attention to the expansion of my career while preparing for a move out of state. It has been an experience and learning process of balancing giving attention to myself, home, career, relationships, and our move. 

I love awareness and being more of my True Self, however, I realized that my priority shifted from my True Self to my outward reality of moving, career etc. Nothing right or wrong, however, I realized that my entire way of being changed and I was not enjoying anything, it felt like work and obligations instead of an adventure.

So I decided to give myself some time to nourish my body and connect with a girlfriend of mine that does yoga. So, I attended her class and had such a shift, greater clarity and re-focus of my internal lenses. My antennas simply changed channels to the frequency of my Higher Self, and as a result, I felt more joyful, free, and grounded in my body. It’s like where the heck did I go? Its amazing how the lower self takes over and one may easily feel its the True Self. It can be blinding.

So my awareness was loud and clear, the first and primary focus is the True Self and that my career is simply the expression of my Authentic Self. That one’s career can only be to the extent of one’s growth and expansion within the Self. The more we align with our True Nature and  become less of the unaligned ego, it becomes sincerely easier and effortless to create success. All the planets align and elements of the universe appear willingly to serve with you, for one steps into divinity as the True Self. When this occurs, everything comes to one’s command. So instead of working outside in, I shifted to focusing my lens to inside out!

The more I am my True Self, then all my desires of an expansive career, harmonious relationships, healthier commitments and so forth become easily attainable in the physical form, because it has been solidified within the formless as a firm decision which create immediate sometimes or maybe all the time miraculous results. 

As such, from now on, the True Self is the first priority and commitment to integrate and align with, for it is then, that all flows with effortless ease and grace within one’s life. Oneness unites the opposites of the natural forces that exists within us and thus creates a harmonious world within  that expresses itself in the outside world. When each of us assume our rightful god responsibility to be a citizen of this earth land and utilize one’s creative ability in alignment with nature, then the world we know as today will literally change before our eyes.

It is my purpose, vision and utmost desire to live and BE the ultimate Goddess, fully aligned with all of life and the creative forces, assisting all our brothers and sisters to awaken to the Truth, that we have always been gods expressing ourselves. We can truly be the change we decide to be in the world, all it requires is one’s commitment to the True Self, a daily moment to moment decision to constantly choose the True Self, and all the assistance from Source, helpers, guides, universe etc come willingly to serve one’s evolutionary awakening.

Blessed Be and may the journey of the True Self become the first and utmost desire in your heart. It is only then that true joy and happiness can be experienced as a way of being.


Goddess Toni-Ann